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How to Promote Hearing Loops


Although hearing loop usage is on the increase, many who could benefit still do not have regular access to adequate assistive listening facilities. By taking some simple steps to raise awareness and promote the benefits of hearing loops, individuals and community groups can be a powerful force for change. 


If you are a hearing aid user and experience 
difficulty hearing in a particular situation, raise the issue with those responsible.  The Americans with Disabilities Act requires all public venues to provide assistive listening devices to individuals with hearing loss, and most businesses and places of worship would be grateful to know that they are losing potential customers or excluding community members due to accessibility issues.

If you attend a looped venue and find the loop is not working properly or has not been switched on, let the management know.  Equally, if you attend a venue with a working hearing loop that is not adequately announced, ask those responsible to put up clear language. 


Word of mouth advocacy is one of the best ways to promote hearing loops so if you have benefitted from a loop, let others know about it-and be sure to let us know of any hearing loops in the Baltimore Area not already included in our list of local loops so we can update accordingly
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